About Beach Hut And Flowers

Bournemouth and the beach are a great source of inspiration. The wide amount of things to see and the relaxing nature of the area brings hundreds of thousands of tourists to the beach every year. I found that image of the beach hut and plants was particularly striking. Firstly, with the amount of flowers and secondly the contrast of colours and shapes. I thought this could make a really interesting painting.

I started with the background trees, working in the dark shadows to make sure that later on the plants in the foreground would stand out. Then, working my way towards the camera, I began to place the beach hut and the other features in the painting such as the wall.

It was a challenge to paint in the sheer amount of plants and with accuracy. I could have just made the picture much looser and put in rough flower heads, however, I decided that it would be much more impressive to show the picture in detail.

I feel, I've created a great representation of the initial photograph. Getting through the challenges and having a painting which really stands out is a good feeling.

Acrylic on paper. 14 x 18 inches. Completed 2018.

Beach Hut And Flowers

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