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1. Consultation

My goal is to capture your thoughts onto the canvas in the best way possible.

I will talk with you to find out what you would like, your ideas and how best to represent these.
I can offer a range of painting sizes and styles, from 2.5 x 3.5 inches and larger.

2. Design

At this stage, I take the ideas and wants from the consultation and create sketches from this. Normally, I create many ideas and refine them down to ones that I think will be suitable for your vision. For example, if a holiday wants to be remembered, I will look at what you said including the emotion and feeling and generate 3 different sketch ideas for review by you. I will contact you to discuss if you are happy. And if you would like to continue.

4. Delivery and competition

This is the exciting stage!

The painting is complete and now needs to be delivered to you. You can then enjoy the painting.
I can organise protective shipping and logistics of your new painting.

3. Craftsmanship

This is the practical stage.

I spend the time to sit and hand paint your vision. On average, most commissions take between 50 -75 hours.
The paintings can also be varnished if required.


It can be difficult to set down a standard price of a painting, due to each person wanting something different!

Changes in canvas size, style all have different painting times.

As an outline personalised paintings start at:

7x5  £50

8x10 £100

14x18 £200

Please enquire for larger sizes.

I can also offer extras such as:

Varnish (protects the paint for longer against UV and resists dust better)

I ask for a 50% deposit to start and then 50% upon completion.

5. Support

I will be happy to support your future ideas and develop further projects.

If there are problems, please let me know and I will try my best to resolve the issues.
If you have any questions during the process please let me know.

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“When Peter revealed the picture, I was awe struck by both the quality and realism. It now hangs in our hallway and is the first thing that people see when entering our home. Highly recommended.”

“We were delighted with the painting a lasting reminder / memory of a holiday in North Carolina”


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Easy and simple, I’ll get right back

The process of having a commission is easy and simple.

- Jason

Jason asked to capture one of his favourite scenes in Poole. This was a view from Parkstone Heights.
You can see for miles over Poole harbour.

This was taken from a photograph and edited to fit and suit the painting. He requested that the colours be bright and wanted to capture the awe of seeing the view.

Finished painting size 18 x 14 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Angie had just been on a holiday to Outer Banks in the US. She came to me to ask for a painting of the pelicans to act as a reminder of being there. From various sources, I put together the pelicans to create an interesting and dynamic painting.

She specially requested that it was bright and soft. Even though the birds naturally lack a lot of bright colours, I solved this by using a warm blue background and making sure the birds weren’t in shadow.

Careful consideration was made about the wing positions, beaks and bird positioning, as these were critical for the composition to work.

Finished painting size 18 x 16 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

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