About Emergence Of Hope

This is a painting in a series looking at emotions. I've worked off the idea that the process of having an emotion can be broken down into 3 parts, the beginning, middle and end. This one looks at the beginning of hope.

I thought it would be a nice idea to capture these thoughts and would be interesting to see how each painting differs in the series, depending on the emotion.

It took a quite a few paint sketches (painting my ideas onto paper) to get this one visualised. I started with the idea of a sunrise. That light coming up from behind a horizon. The emergence of the light from the dark. As this progressed, I realised that a more accurate representation was to put it into a circle shape. I saw the light to be all around the darkness or obstruction. The light emerges from behind the sadness. The colours reflect this idea. Sadness, to me translates as a dark green. Yellow, the light or sun. Grey / green, the dull, non reactive world around the feeling.

Its interesting how the Emergence of Hope has turned out. A journey of ideas, then finally coming to a circle. It could make a good light installation.

Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 16 inches. Completed 2018.

The original of this painting is for sale. To find out more, please view my price list.

Emergence Of Hope

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