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About Portland Bill Lighthouse

This is an a iconic red and white striped lighthouse on Portland Bill, in Dorset. It started working in 1906 and has helped ships avoid the rocky area near there since. It sits on the most southern point of the Isle of Portland.

This is a staple for most artists (including my great grandfather) so it was my turn to put my brush on the canvas. I also thought it could be a good challenge as the foreground rocks and lighthouse details could be interesting to paint.

I began with putting in the sky and working with the clouds. I wanted to get the clouds looking realistic as the composition was mostly sky. The lighthouse outline came next and then the foreground. Putting in the rocks was interesting as they are all different shapes which have been left on the landscape around the lighthouse.

It took me a few goes to get the hatching correct at the top of the lighthouse, paying attention to the details on the house to make sure it looked correct.

Now, I have joined the club, as an artist who has completed a painting of this area. I'm glad that it turned out so well.

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