About Red Night

I found a photograph of Poole Harbour. I liked the positioning of the photograph and that it overlooked Brownsea Island and towards the Purbecks from the sea. I wanted to create this as a painting.

I started to create the painting as a realist painting (looks like a photograph) but accidently put too much red for the sky, attempting to create a sunset. I actually liked the mistake and decided to work with it. From this, I edited the original photograph and colours to fit with the new painting idea. I decided to make the intended sunset sun, a moon and the painting started to take shape.

It took me several sittings to be happy with the painting you see today. The first time I had “finished” it looked ok, but felt there was something missing . After review, I felt that the painting needed more, so I worked more on the atmosphere. Adding more clouds, highlights and detail in the shadows, it became more interesting.

Its now a atmospheric painting of the harbour which I think works, its something a bit different compared to the overly painted classic water, sea and sky.

Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 10 inches. Completed 2019. Sold to a private collection.

Red Night

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