About Building Trust

I was reflecting on new people I had met recently. Human nature is not to trust instantly the person you speak with and it takes time to earn that trust. I found this idea interesting as with some people building or gaining trust is a lot more difficult than others.

I decided to put this idea into a visualisation. So, I could understand it better and help others to see the process.

I considered the best options to describe this idea. I could have gone a lot more abstract but I wanted others to be able to understand it. This restricted me to use a more realist style. However, I always knew that the picture would be quite surreal. I saw building trust as going through a metaphorical gauntlet or set of barriers. Once you have passed one barrier, they will trust you more and open up to you more. The goal is their heart and for them to be fully open with you to their personality.

I think its a really interesting painting as it starts out as reflections on others, but also challenges my own beliefs of trust. It raises questions about how many barriers should we have and why do we have them?

Acrylic on wood. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2019. Currently on exhibition.

Building Trust

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