About Turn Right For Adventure

I was thinking about my own experience of the comfort zone and what troubles I face when approaching this subject. I noticed that this pattern occurs with many people.

I wanted to capture this idea of dealing with comfort zone decisions and opportunities. I thought it also could help others visualise this process.

After some sketching and ideas generation, I visualised the process of breaking from the comfort zone as driving a car. That someone is on the road, driving and comes across an opportunity to adventure. Now the decision lays in your control. With the time becoming more narrow, do you turn right? This would take you onto a dirt path with many ups and downs, but may mean more excitement and possibly more reward.

If one decides to stick to the road, they follow the sign for comfort, yet, this normally becomes sterile, boring and repeats. Following the sign means life stays comfortable and “safe”.

Its a good painting raising key questions about your own views on the world. Would you turn right at any opportunity? Or would you prefer to stay on the comfort road?

Acrylic on wood. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2018. Currently on exhibition.

Turn Right For Adventure

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