About A View Of Poole Harbour

This painting was initially for a commission. The client was especially taken by the view of a local scene and wanted it captured onto a canvas. He came to me to ask to do it and I instantly said yes, as it would make a really nice piece of art.
Its a good location to see the surrounding area, and the painting depicts the view which spreads over 6 and a half miles. In the far distance, there is Poole town and beyond to the famous Old Harry Rocks.

With the reference photo he had taken, I began to mark out the scene. Getting the scale of everything with such a long perspective was important as this would give the really feeling of distance. I started on the distant hills and worked towards the camera. Finishing off with the foreground trees.

This painting was a good challenge, as it was quite complex. To get all the small houses, trees and boats in the correct position was interesting. However, I eventually kept going and it was like a puzzle, once one part had been done I could then relate it to the other (making it easier to do the next part).

My client was really pleased with the result and hung it on their hall wall so everyone could see it entering the house.
I'm happy that I've helped him connect with that experience again.

Acrylic on canvas . 14 x 18 inches. Completed 2017.

A View Of Poole Harbour

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